Endless Pawsibilities

BSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Customer testimonials

Please read through the customer testimonials which we have received from our customers.

Mia is a young chihuahua which started to show signs of fear. Her behaviour included running away from visitors and growling. She has also shown fear towards unfamiliar dogs, however you wouldn't believe this when you see her playing with a family members Staffordshire Bull Terrier!


Mia has shown great improvement in her sessions, but her owners intend to keep introducing her to new experiences.

Well Done! 

Louie is a Shih Tzu cross Maltese which required some guidance when it came to toilet training. His owner only required one session and left us a great review below;

"Our home visit went very well, Sophie had lots of great advice which we put into action immediately. Louie is now very proud of himself achieving toilet training to accommodate his new home. Thanks again Sophie."

"A natural dog whisperer"

- Joy, Kent. 


""Brilliant service - we only required two sessions for our dog, which started nipping!"

- Richard, Kent